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Women and Climate Change

Our chair, Dania Thomas, recently spoke about UWS are responding to climate change.

You can watch the video here, or below.

Intro from Gabrielle Macbeth (GWL) Start to 6:20
Intro from Caroline Gausden (GWL) 6:20– 11:20
Intro from Gemma Lawrence (Creative Carbon) 11:20– 19:00
Dania Thomas (Ubuntu Women Shelter) 19:00– 28:50
Clem Sandison (Glasgow Community Food Network) 28:51– 44:15
Nicole Paterson (Climate Ready Clyde Board) 44:45– 55:50
Question and Answer 55:50– 1:28:50

Work with us

We have a number of positions coming up. The closing date for applications is 5pm, 5th April 2021.

To request a recruitment pack please email Chair (AT)
For more information please download the pdf.

The available roles are:

*Specialist VAWG Advocate – 35hrs per week.

*Outreach Development Worker – 18hrs per week.

*Administrator – 25hrs per week.

*Wellbeing Development Worker – 12hrs pr week.

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