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Who We Are

Ubuntu Women Shelter is a Glasgow-based charity started in 2018 with the aim of supporting women facing forced destitution and dehumanisation by the UK’s immigration system. We are the first specialist service in the UK run and managed by people with lived experience of migration, asylum or destitution. We represent 11 cultures, speak 14 languages and between us, we have more than 10 years of shared experience supporting destitute women. 


We support:

  • Non-EEA women with limited leave to remain, including students women on spouse visas fleeing domestic violence and abuse, and women pending final resolution of their asylum/immigration claims
  • Women with status (including EEA women) who face delays in accessing housing benefits and welfare services
  • Non- binary folks and all women (cis and trans) including sex workers
  • Women of all faiths and religious persuasions


We are defined by our no borders ethos and refuse to consent to the current border regime. Ubuntu Women Shelter is our active, ongoing resistance to the dehumanising and brutalising effects of forced destitution entrenched in the immigration system.


Our services include:

  • Providing emergency accommodation needs of women with no recourse to public funds, either through hosting or through our own shelter
  • Support for immigration or asylum claims; including court support at tribunals and appeals and providing letters of support for claims
  • Advocacy and pastoral support
  • Community outreach work, including attending and hosting events with other organisations and women within our communities
  • Fundraising
  • Running workshops and training sessions



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