For accomodation call 24hrs, 7 days: 07570 877817

Date: Saturday 10th August

Time: 4-7pm

Venue: Assembly Hall, The Art School, 20 Scott St, Glasgow G3 6RJ

*Please note that this is a women only (trans & non-binary inclusive)> event.

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Come along to share a meal and learn about ways you can support Ubuntu Women Shelter or be supported by them. The food will be served at 4pm, first come first served! Meals are FREE or pay what you can. All donations will go to Ubuntu Women Shelter.

As part of our outreach conversations with groups that highlight the violence of the current border regime on migrant women in the city, we welcome SCOT- PEP our August meal. SCOT-PEP will be taking over the open mic to offer insights into their invaluable campaigning work on decriminalisation and the impact of the immigration regime on migrant sex-work. As a special treat SCOT -PEP has also arranged a showing of Petra Bauer’s film ‘Workers’.

Scot-PEP is a sex worker led charity that fights for the human rights, labour rights, health and safety of all sex workers in Scotland. We believe that sex work is work; we campaign for the full decriminalisation of all forms of sex work and oppose effort to implement the Nordic model or any measures that would further harm sex workers. We see criminalisation of any aspect of the sex industry as inherently harmful to sex workers – we cannot have labour rights when any part of our work is criminalised. We are part of a broader sex workers rights movement, situated in a history of trans-inclusive feminism, migrant’s rights struggles, anti- racism and anti-capitalism. We work closely with other sex worker led groups in the UK and internationally, and support unionisation efforts to allow sex workers to better access our labour rights.

This community meal is a collaboration between the Ubuntu Women Shelter and The Art School. This event is part of Ubuntu outreach into the community. Ubuntu Women Shelter is set up to meet the emergency and short term accommodation needs of destitute women (trans and non- binary inclusive) with no recourse to public funds. We currently ensure women can be safely hosted across the city and are working to acquiring our own dedicated building to meet this need. Ubuntu work is reparations work. The needs of the women we support have been overlooked by systemic erasure. Their destitution is normalised. We believe this is one legacy of the unacknowledged historical violence of colonisation. Ubuntu work is witnessing their humanity.

Travel expenses and child care can be provided.

The Art School is a fully accessible space with a lift and WC for wheelchair users. If you have any questions about accessibility or the event please contact:


Poster design: Karin Tokunaga


Each meal will have a themed recipe and will be in celebration of a particular woman’s life and our commitment to a world with no borders. There will be an open mic for us to share our stories and reach across borders to envision a kinder more humane world.

Margaret Skinnider

Nanny of the Maroons

Maya Angelou