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Let Me Hold You

 Ongoing event

 24th – 30th March 2019, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow

Ubuntu Women Shelter volunteers, and writer and artist Raman Mundair were in residence at the Transmission Gallery for a week. During this time we transformed the space into an informal shared studio for Ubuntu members and allies to use as they wished. Raman Mundair facilitated, made work and held the space for Ubuntu. Ubuntu women made work and adorned and took up the space in power.

We began with intent: we listened to our bodies, we gave ourselves permission to feel, to locate the tension, the pain. We blessed the space with voice, incense, offerings of food and gifts of the ancient ritual of Eritrean coffee making. We used our hands to labour, to make visible the work we do, the journeys we inhabit and the borders we cross.

Each day we layered the space and rendered our experience visible. We placed ourselves on a borderless map. We queered the space so that all parts of ourselves could be present.

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Raman Mundair is an Indian born, Queer, British Asian intersectional feminist and activist. She is the award winning author of Lovers, Liars, Conjurers and Thieves, A Choreographer’s Cartography, The Algebra of Freedom (a play) and is the editor of Incoming: Some Shetland Voices.
Her work is socially and politically observant, bold, mischievous, cutting edge and potent with poetic imagery and integrity. Her writing plays with the intersections of race, gender, sexuality and class and challenges notions of British and colonial histories and identities. Raman’s work focuses on the experiences, knowledges and life-worlds of people of colour and reframes their experience from a fresh, new perspective. She has published poetry, fiction, drama and non-fiction and has performed and exhibited her artwork around the world from Aberdeen to Zimbabwe.
As an activist she has worked on a grass roots level against anti racism, anti fascism, state violence, No Borders, and against gender based, domestic and sexual violence.
She is the founder of the online FB space: EKTA – Intersectional Dialogue for Women.
She regards herself as a writer who writes, makes art, film and installation.
For more information on her work visit:
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