For accomodation call 24hrs, 7 days: 07570 877817

It has been reported by people within the hotel that they are only being offered ibuprofen and sleeping tablets instead of mental health support – this is unacceptable.

We have seen first-hand how the absence of sustained, trauma- informed support compounds the trauma of womxn already hurt by state violence in their home countries, who are then re-traumatised by the inhumane asylum system and its engrained racialized logic that enforced destitution will incentivize voluntary returns.

In our direct support we have witnessed signs of asylum process related trauma. We believe this is part of a complex and multifaceted individual response and reaction to their life situations, and it is largely attributable to an asylum process designed to question their credibility and undermine their lived experience at every stage.

As part of our UNTIED (Ubuntu New Trauma-Informed Destitution support) programme, we are offering psychosocial support with our in-house licensed counsellor for the womxn residing in the hotel.

Please contact us for more information if you or anyone you know (womxn only) is in need of mental health support or contact our counsellor directly at or call to find out more at +44 7543 491900

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