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UBUNTU RESIDENCY WITH Life Support at Glasgow Womens Library

In the Winter of 2021, we hosted a residency at the Glasgow Womens Library as part of the Life Supports Exhibition. A conversation between the Life Support team, Alberta Whittle and Ubuntu Women Shelter took place which can be found on p.17-23:

As part of this project, Alberta Whittle and Life Support are collaborating with Ubuntu Women Shelter on a residency at Glasgow Women’s Library in Summer/Autumn 2021. The collaboration intends to open and hold space for the women of Ubuntu within GWL – to facilitate a space for creative expression and coming together, to do bodywork and share joy. In the following conversation, Alberta Whittle, Loa Pour Mirza and Amna Ahmed who work with Ubuntu, and Nat Raha from Life Support, discuss the collaboration. They speak of the (often traumatising) burden of proof demanded of black and brown women when it comes to requesting resources from the state; and the accessibility of institutional spaces within Glasgow and the UK to women and non-binary people with lived experience of migration, asylum or destitution. They also speak of strategic identifications, and of creating the ground to remember one’s needs, tap into past lives and explore future lives and desires. The conversation took place in June 2021 in the Community Room at Glasgow Women’s Library.

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