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The hostile environment has failed. The next Government must dismantle it, and that means giving people seeking asylum the right to work.

"The right to work should be on every party’s manifesto because it is common sense, vital for people seeking asylum and great for the economy.

That’s why it has such huge support across our communities. Lifting the ban on people working is backed by 81% of the public as well as businesses, trade unions, recruiters and faith groups.

When people can work, they can more easily build their lives in our community and avoid the huge barriers to jobs and housing currently experienced by new refugees once their claim is successful.

Importantly, the right to work would give the economy a boost that the next Government needs. Lifting the ban would increase tax revenue by £1.3 billion, reduce Government spending by £6.7 billion, and increase GDP by £1.6 billion, funding better public services for all of us"

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